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Your Step-By-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Recycling & “Haul It Away” Business All you need to get started is a pickup truck or van! No computer skills needed….no college degree required….

If You Have a Pickup Truck or Van … I Can Show You How to Make $40 to $90 an Hour With Your Own Scrap Metal & Trash Removal Business

I want you to understand one very important fact. The “Haul It Away” business is a real opportunity for anyone to use their own pickup truck to earn $40 to $100 per hour. This isn’t some “get rich quick” scheme. This isn’t a way for you to “make millions with your computer” scam.

I can help you start your own Scrap Metal and “Haul It Away” business this week!
One of the great things about starting your own “Haul It Away” business is that you can get started NOW, you don’t have to wait. You don’t have to go back to school or buy an expensive franchise and you don’t have to make a huge investment to start your own business. In fact, with my “Haul It Away” business guide, you are going to have everything you need to get started making money this week! I am going to give you a complete, “no fluff, no filler” basic startup guide that includes…

The Hidden Secrets of The Recycling Business

You get complete access to dozens of how-to articles on starting and running your scrap metal business. You will learn the secrets to getting the best prices far above the regular price paid to “peddler” traffic. Where to find the best material. How to get scrap for free. and much more!

Access to Videos

Our members have access to the entire library of learning videos. Dozens of in-depth instructional videos ranging from how to dismantle a TV and recover the copper, how to scrap a microwave, how to scrap a computer and recover the gold and precious metals, the best way to strip wire without a $3,000 machine and much more.


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Haul It Away Junk Removal Business

Reading and completing this ebook will give you the perfect companion to the Scrap Metal Business. I will give you the quickest and most direct route to drive business results with little or no experience. I am giving you the 25 years of entrepreneurial expertise that has allowed me to build one of the most successful recycling businesses in the Southwest and allowed me to go from dead broke to becoming a millionaire.

Read books on more than one device! Start reading on one device and pick up where you left off
on a different one.

Scrap metal recycling is the future. To some people, it sounds like dystopia; to others, nirvana. The undeniable truth, however, is that it is an opportunity to make a fiscally and environmentally lucrative investment.

People love to talk about recycling like it is a selfless act, strictly done out of love for mother earth. That may be the case for those who set little bits of paper at the street in a green bin. But the real recycling is done for money. It is done for cash money, and I’m not talking Washington’s. I’m talking Benjamin’s.


What Our Readers Are Saying Now if we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!


Elizabeth Harrison

A very informative book that is jam-packed with strategies and tips to help you succeed in the recycling business. It is amazing how recession proof this business is. Regardless of how bad the economy got and how many of my friends were affected by job loss. I was still making money This is definitely the right time to get into the recycling business. You don’t have to worry about any tools because all the information you need is found in this awesome book. I recommend you get a copy of this book. Oh yea and yes a woman can make a great living in this business.


Norman Patterson

I find this book very interesting and helpful. As a young man in Detroit, I had a very difficult time. I dropped out of Highschool my junior year. I spent several years getting into any trouble I could find. I came across this book on a fluke while surfing the internet. I began using the strategies and tools presented in this book. By implementing everything that was written I was able to start a small Junk Removal business using my uncles truck. This spring I bought my own I’m am now on my way to the most successful year ever! I would surely recommend this book!


Michael Eugene Jones

This is the greatest set of books for someone trying to learn everything at once on recycling and junk removal. I don’t mind putting myself in the Cheapskates category to learn all this information. Just because it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg, the information is just as great as though I had paid more somewhere else for the same information. We would not be able to get books like this if it were not for this writer and Amazon. Thanks to you both.


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Steve Bradley Book Author and Recycling Entrepreneur.

Twice daily, Steve Bradley dons a hard hat and makes his rounds through a wasteland of scrap metal and industrial machinery. As he walks through the 5-acre yard in Fort Worth, Texas Bradley, the chief executive of CVI Recycling, stops to chat with laborers, truck drivers, and salespeople. When he’s finished with his rounds, he returns to his office overlooking the yard and fields phone calls from customers while keeping an eye on the action below.

Years earlier he’d fallen on hard times. His marriage was falling apart, his car had been repossessed and his home faced foreclosure. But instead of sinking into despair, Bradley started looking for a way to feed his three young children and keep a roof over their heads. On a whim, he decided to try his hand at scrap metal recycling. It would test his resolve and change the course of his life.


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