Veteran Recycling Entrepreneur Reveals The  Secret To Starting Your Own Recycling Business.

15 Years of Recycling Business Opportunity Expertise -
"Texas Scrap Recycling Entrepreneur  Reveals TODAY'S Most Profitable Scrap Recycling Opportunities"

" Whether You Want to Start Part Time or a Full Time Recycling Business Making More Money Than You Could Imagine"
...We Will Teach You EXACTLY How to Do So -
Quickly, Safely, & Without Risk, & GUARANTEED!!"

Fellow Entrepreneur,

My name is Steve and for fifteen years I've devoted myself to identifying, high-profit scrap and recycling opportunities. In doing so, I've  developed and perfected the most profitable, SURE-FIRE techniques for making recycling MEGA-PROFITS. Just what do I mean by that?

Does the thought of making up to $1,500 - PER  HOUR - of your time get your attention? If I were to teach you how exactly to do this, how many hours a week would you spend doing this 5, 10,  20 or full time

...I'll let you run the calculations, because in this business, YOU alone determine how much money you want to make. No boss, no time clock to punch, and NO "glass ceiling" - and this business will actually get BETTER - and more profitable - as the overall economy worsens!


I'd like to tell you a little about myself and why I am going to share my amazingly profitable recycling secrets with you.

My experience in running my own 5 acre Million Dollar a year scrap - My wife and I started part time with a chevy mini van and a rented trailer to running a Million Dollar Scrap yard with no previous experience in 5 years.


I was soon spending my lunch hours picking up scrap from businesses and making much more from my 'sideline' than  my j-o-b (Just Over Broke!).

Where did I go from there? Well, I've always called it recycling, but you can call it 'up-cycling', 'down-cycling', 'cross-cycling', 'scrapping', 'picking', or whatever catch-phrase you wish. The main point is that it is turning "junk" into GOLD - sometimes literally!

My incredible journey took me from a rented house and a broke down car to a nice home and being able to send 3 kids to college, buying our own house and my wife a new car. We took a trip with our son and his best friend to Vail without a thought about cost...


My recycling experiences increased my appetite for even more profitable opportunities -and the BEST ways to use them -  to cash in on BIG TIME.

...I was determined to find the 'PERFECT RECYCLABLE'. In order to score a "perfect 10" on my "Perfect Recycling Opportunity Scale", I searched for these criteria:

It has to be available in consistent, profitable quantities.
Must be easily transported, compact, and easy to store securely.
It must have little value (be considered scrap or junk) to the seller - Ideally, they would PAY YOU to haul it away!
There must be a readily defined market (buyers) paying a set (and guaranteed) price - consistently
The materials must require minimal (or no) processing in order to sell - 'flipping' them within days is my preference
It MUST have a SUPER-HIGH PROFIT MARGIN - I like a figure of around 100%, 300  -500% is even better!

Have I found the perfect recyclable? Frankly, no. I have, after over 15 years, identified dozens of opportunities which work everywhere AND come as close as possible to recycling perfection.

LOTS of things have changed in the past few decades, EXCEPT for the basics(and the increasing government regulations). Every new opportunity is the result of new technology, but the business aspects remain the same, and this is the most important aspects I can provide you.

You can generate a few hundred dollars  per week - or even per DAY - flying "under-the-radar" and operating small-scale. BUT, if you want to build a $ Million mini-empire, you MUST learn to become a marketer and use the latest cutting-edge tools and techniques to promote yourself and your business.

I will show you everything you need to know. Don't waste another minute. No matter what the economy does you can make a lot of money.


In the ensuing 15 years I learned many lessons about making large, consistent profits in the scrap recycling business, regardless of economic conditions and scrap prices. I learned you cannot control the markets, but there are ALWAYS opportunities for consistent profit. And TODAY, with the end of the worldwide fiat currency system coming to its inevitable end, precious metals are heading for the stratosphere.

 I decided to make the sum total of my recycling experience available to serious entrepreneurs in a single package so one can pick the best fields for his or her local economy, interests, and income desired.

The Manual NOW consists of 8 main chapters - each of which is a complete business blueprint - covering in detail everything you need to know to put HUGE SUMS OF CASH in your pocket by recycling one specific item or group of items, and empowering you to secure the most profitable items in your area - regardless of where you are located.

Owners of my "High-Profit Recycling:2012 Manual" also get to tap into my experience in the form of personal follow-up consultation via e-mail. ...not to mention ongoing support and weekly price sheets from some of the largest scrap yards in the country. These price sheets are only available to scrap dealers and not available to the general public.

Here's what you'll get:


Eight chapters (over 220 pages) of the most specific, profit-packed recycling, "upcycling", "downcycling" , and "crosscycling" information ever put to paper! I teach you how to master the field of general recycling - identifying the best MEGA-PROFIT income streams in YOUR area. Let's start with these 'blueprints':
Dental Scrap - Dental golds and amalgams; X-ray fixer and films; the metal most throw away, yet is worth up to $200 per pound. This field is a little-known, yet very big money-maker!
Electronic Scrap - All the inside info the pros don't want you to know; the best sources of overlooked scrap; over a dozen pages of illustrations: computer, microwave, and electrical equipment with specific metal content; special report on refining electronic scrap materials (and why you SHOULDN'T)!
Films and Photo Scrap - The most complete guide to recycling photographic scrap materials - the area I cut my teeth on. Little-known sources of films and solutions containing precious silver; How to buy and process for the highest profits.
Buying 'scrap' from the public - Various types of "junk" gold, silver, and platinum items the public is willing to "give away" for pennies on the dollar! Creative methods of locating sources of supply and buying for 'bottom-dollar - while still being honest and ethical'; what you MUST know about the legal ramifications of this business!
Testing Precious Metals for Value - The best guide ever published to help you determine precious metal content of unknown alloys; reactions of metals to heat and specific solutions used in testing. Knowledge of these methods puts the profits in YOUR pockets - not THEIRS!

CELL PHONES and three other "Disposable Products" Recycling Opportunities that you can't ignore, even though these markets don't involve precious metals! This is truly an incredible area, and it's exploding around us with technology advancing so quickly.

You could get this one chapter and make a killing - and have others do all the work for you! ...  CUTTING EDGE, GROUND-FLOOR INFORMATION!

Over 3,000 unique Industrial and Specialty Alloys - some precious metal, some not - ALL of which are MUCH MORE valuable to specific buyers (I show you how to find them, also!) than the usual pennies per pound the companies throwing them away are currently getting.
The Recycler's Bibliography and Reading Sources - an exclusive list of dozens of further information sources for the serious recycling professional, including government research reports, newsletters, websites, forums, etc.
Automotive O2 (oxygen) Sensors - the platinum-rich scrap source being thrown away by every auto repair shop in the world - only recently has there been a way to make money with these items. A good sideline  income, but these will never make you rich.
Avoid becoming a CRIMINAL in your recycling business - the minefields you MUST be aware of before picking up certain types of scrap - these actually vary from state to state. How to avoid run-ins with "the MAN" by operating 'under the radar'.

 But, wait, there's so much more...



Scrap catalytic converters contain some of the most expensive metals on earth - metals which NEVER wear out, even if the converter stops working and must be junked! Nearly every vehicle sold in the US and Canada since 1975 is literally a "platinum mine" on wheels which can eventually be recycled.

Thousands of converters are replaced daily (Ford once announced the recall of 680,000 converters - all of which became available as scrap!) and tens of thousands of cars are going to junk yards with their precious, platinum-loaded converters intact. The profit potential is mind-boggling, since the EPA prohibits the resale of these catalytic convertors, with fines of up to $2,500 per violation!

Here's what I'll teach you:

Where to find junk catalytic converters in your area - and NEVER worry about competition again!

While everyone else is out there beating the bushes for converters from the 'traditional' sources, competing with one another, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank!

...A few hours of ultra-easy marketing, and you're ready to earn profits of $500 - PER DAY - working just a few hours and collecting just a handful of converters. You DO NOT even need a truck or trailer, unlike the rest of your competitors. FULL DISCLOSURE: You will work your ass off to earn this money, but the opportunity is there! Yes the marketing is super-easy, but there is serious physical work involved.
How to start with little cash and without buying costly equipment. You probably have most of the equipment necessary and, if you don't, it won't cost you more than a couple hundred dollars to get everything you need. And only a very little cash is needed when you're buying scrap 'cats' for 10 cents on the dollar!
How to determine comparative values using my EXCLUSIVE "Catalyst Contents" charts and illustrations (You WON'T find this ANYWHERE ELSE!) - and I'll tell you why this info is essentially irrelevant
Get TOP Dollar for your catalyst or converters, whether the price of platinum is rising or falling; the converters which will net the LARGEST PROFITS! ..and teh ones to be aware of
Various methods of opening converters (including the ONLY tool devised specifically for this purpose); how to save 45% on shipping costs - IF you decide to ship - this information alone will return the cost of the manual the first time you use it!
Where to find the BEST companies anxious to buy your converters for top-dollar, in small quantities, and without you having to stockpile or accumulate hundreds in order to get a good price!
Online schemes claiming you can refine or extract  your catalyst values profitably - and why attempting this is the biggest recycling mistake you could make. I've got your answer to the "refine or resell" question, and  I'll PROVE it to you...
Why the converter business (like EVERY OTHER recycling market I've ever seen) is NOT a mature, efficient market - and why it NEVER WILL be. There's STILL plenty of opportunities to make great money, and it's got nothing to do with the number of people out there recycling!

 BONUS #1 -


I have met a number of people in my recycling career who were making professional- level incomes ($50,000 to $100,000 a year!!) using nothing more than an old pickup truck and some 'elbow grease'. This chapter will divulge their secrets  -and a lot more.  Like how to obtain stuff people are throwing away every day, yet can sometimes be sold for $$$ hundreds online.

                 The interesting thing about this is they were not even smart operators.

I know because I've seen them haul scrap to the junk yard and sell it for $50 a ton when it was worth ten times that amount! ...and they were still making a killing because someone was giving it to them - and even paying them to haul it away!!!

As I got to know a few of these 'junkers' and  'scrappers' I came to realize that a sharp person could make as much as they wanted by working smarter rather than harder - so I obtained the rights to this little-known report, added a ton of my own personal experience, and provide it to you at NO extra charge. It is an invaluable addition to the HIGH-PROFIT RECYCLING MANUAL:2012, especially for those who want to start small-time, build some capital, and then perhaps get into the BIG-MONEY precious metals recycling areas.

Included in this report is:

Business start-up details - how to set your fees, unusual places where business can be found; how to promote your services. Realize this: you can dabble part-time and make a great sideline income, under-the-radar and at your own pace. But, if you want to build a MILLION DOLLAR business, you MUST learn to become a marketer - I will provide the resources if you provide the drive!
How to use your phone to get all the business you can handle; effective little classified ads you should use (and WHERE to use them - FREE); promoting effectively online (it is NOT all about being seen on the first page of Google anymore!); additional income sources and marketing techniques.
You'll learn what other tools you will need (if any - you've got most of these anyway!); where to sell for the highest profits.

Can't wait to get started???


The most effectively profitable investment you can make is advancing your knowledge and increasing your skills and abilities. Since you're a willing student, I'll teach you everything necessary to make at least $1,000 per week (and up to $1,500 PER HOUR!!) in your spare time utilizing these amazingly powerful recycling 'blueprints'.

My "HIGH-PROFIT RECYCLING:2012 MANUAL" is THE uniquely reliable source of this information showing you:

How to start with VERY LITTLE CASH and immediately make BIG profits!
The BEST SOURCES of gold, silver, platinum, and other types of scrap and how to purchase for bottom-dollar, locking in MAXIMUM profits!!
The BEST COMPANIES to sell your scrap to (no, it's NOT me!); I give you specific names and phone numbers of the BEST buyers/refiners of each type of material!
Marketing tips and techniques - easily and consistently develop your customer list and treat them so they comfortably do business with you (and line your pockets with cold, hard cash)- immediately!!!

 OK, so what's new???


How to Swap, Trade, and Barter Your Way to Profits. The projected price points for the various metals make this a potential Home-Run Profit Source - especially for a particular group of local professionals found everywhere!

...How and what (specifically) to trade, super-profitable exchange ratios giving you the edge on BOTH sides of the trade!

PLUS (Brand NEW)  - How to to turn your relationship with these professionals into a Million Dollar per year business

Platinum-Rich Disposable Medical Devices, recycled every day in major medical centers and hospitals. Designed to be disposable, yet loaded with platinum worth over $1,500 PER OUNCE at today's prices!

I'll tell you where to find them, how much they're worth, and who to talk to. Find a hospital with one of these specialized labs and you've got yourself your own little "platinum mine".

...Line up 10 to 20 hospitals, and you've locked up a potential profit of $1,000 to $2,000 PER DAY! Yes, each unit may only worth $2 to $20, but many labs will go through dozens per day! It has taken me twenty years to locate this information - nobody else has revealed this to the local recycler until now. There's ONLY a few companies trading in these, and they operate strictly via mail.

As ALWAYS, the person standing in front of the customer with CASH gets the goods, so you have an unbeatable advantage, IF you know how to deal with the bureaucracy controlling this scrap!

Are Hard-Disk Drives again worth recycling? The first time it was for resale - this time it's (theoretically) for their platinum. Is the jury still out on their value?

How NOT to get scammed trading  on eBay - and why you MUST utilize eBay - but use it the proper way - to YOUR advantage! To give them the benefit of the doubt, most sellers don't know what the   Hell they're doing to scam you, but they ARE! Knowing these few secrets will put the profits in YOUR pocket, and NOT theirs.

How the government has essentially killed the silver refining business, and the billions or dollars in valuable scrap materials NOT being recycled now - allowing you to pick up certain silver scrap materials for pennies on the dollar! The trick here is to know of the select few refiners/buyers/processors of specific types of scrap without getting labeled a criminal by the government.

  "Dozens of detailed how to videos saving you hours of time"

Believe me, this chapter alone will be worth at least 10 times your small investment for the entire manual!!

I will reveal EXACTLY how to cash in on THE biggest items that will make the most money. You will learn how to identify the highest profit materials to go after and leave the junk for the other guy,

This is a HUGE profit opportunity -IF done correctly. Do just one or two things wrong - even innocently - and you're headed for disaster. 

Don't worry, with my decades' experience in  recycling, I'll tell you EVERYTHING you MUST know to make up to $5,000 in a matter of three hours - or LESS!

If you want to learn this business, order TODAY, while I'm still obligated to include it as part of my High-Profit Recycling:2012  Manual. I may just change my mind and remove it from the manual - without warning!!!

 LEGAL "GRAVE ROBBING" - Cashing in on scrap from the mortuary business! NOBODY has dared write about this subject - until NOW! I  reveal the top-level SECRETS which recyclers and refiners (not to mention morticians and funeral directors) would do anything to keep from being revealed.

All the "dirty little insider's secrets" - some bordering on the unethical - about the hidden profits they've been putting in their pockets - with their customers' legal permission - for decades.

And it isn't just gold, copper, nickel and brass - I alone explain how and why this industry currently THROWS AWAY large amounts of platinum (at ~$1,500+ per ounce) - and why they're not even aware of it!

With the aging of the baby-boomers (such as myself, LOL!), this opportunity will only grow in profitability, IF you get in on it early enough. Could you ask for a better opportunity than obtaining precious metals from someone who is already throwing them away???

...So, if you've ANY interest in making a great income - full or part-time - in little-known, but highly profitable recycling niches, NOW is the time to get take action.  

So read through the rest of my site, visit the resources (P.S. - New blog / newsletters are coming) I am making available  and decide TODAY whether you're ready to change your current financial situation!

Again, IF you are SERIOUSLY committed to building a REAL, Million $$ business - or just making enough money to take your loved ones on a real vacation order NOW!!!




I personally guarantee that you will learn how to pull in thousands of dollars each week using my proven system for high recycling profits. You will learn step by step what you need to do, from start to finish, to build a strong and profitable business....guaranteed. If you don't have a business running that's pulling you a great income, or are just dissatisfied with the materials for any reason, than I insist you get your money back from me. No question, no hassles.

You've got nothing to risk, and literally a lot to gain, by jumping on my offer today.





I'm not going to say all home businesses are a scam except for mine. But I will tell you that there are very few business opportunities that can make a guarantee like mine, and enable you a steady income (of up to $1,500 PER HOUR) for your work.

Don't waste time sifting through the B.S. out there. Jump in on a real opportunity - I'm going to show you how it's done.




 P.S. - Everything you need to learn to create an income stream of thousands weekly. This is it! The nothing-held-back business blueprint for making a killing in your own scrap/recycling/salvage business using proven secrets and strategies. Don't make the mistake of passing on this !

Also Included

  • Complete Business Plan
  • Complete Gude to Dismantling Scrap Saving You Hours of Valuable Time
  • How to Identify The Best Most Profitable Metals
  • Secret Access to Government Scrap Resources
  • And Much More Than I Can Mention Here.

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